Covid-19 Precautions

Gary and James have prepared the bus to go back on the road!

We’re trying our best to make travelling with us as safe as possible.
Below are some of the things we’re doing, and how you can help.

Please have the correct change

We’re trying to minimise contact with things like cash, so having the correct money helps us do that. Even better you can do away with cash and just pay us by cheque or BACS once a month – let us know if you’d like to try this.

Please wear a face covering

For everyone’s safety we’re following Government guidance and expecting people to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth. There are some people that are exempt in certain circumstances – please explain to the driver if this is the case, otherwise we won’t be able to take you.

We’re cleaning the bus regularly

The minibus is cleaned at the beginning and end of the day, and between journeys points that passengers touch are also cleaned again. We can’t completely take the risk away, but we’re doing our best to minimise it.

We can’t take as many people as before

One of the precautions we’ve taken at the moment is to remove some of the seats so people can be further apart, but that means we can’t travel with as many people. We’ll try and return as close as possible to the previous schedule, but that might not always be possible.

Until all the clubs open again we have spare capacity

Because a lot of the clubs are still closed there are gaps in the schedule. If you have ideas about things you’d like to do in the meantime please let us know.

If you need anything else…

We’re part of Support Bromsgrove. It’s a partnership of local charities and community groups that came together to help people through this. If you’re having non-BURT problems, such as needing to pick up a prescription, they might be able to help. The answerphone helpline is  01527 306490, and you can find out more at