Volunteer escorts needed!

101A0327T smallCould you give up a few hours a week to help people who need help getting around?

We need help to support those in need, helping people get on and off the minibus. Can you help?

BURT is the community minibus service for Bromsgrove, and helps vulnerable residents of Bromsgrove District who can’t make essential journeys by conventional transport, either because of personal mobility/disability difficulties or because there isn’t a suitable service available.

How to get involved

We’ll need to process a DBS for you as it involves working with vulnerable people and/or children with your consent. We will also arrange to send you on any relevant training that is needed, and provide any necessary insurance. We can also pay agreed expenses, such as getting to and from the location where the minibus is.

Still interested?

To volunteer you can fill out the form below or download one to fill in on your computer or by hand by clicking here. Any questions? Email volunteer@barn.org.uk or phone 01527 60282

Using your data

We keep the information you give us when you fill in this form to get back to you with opportunities. If you would like to know more about how we use this information you give us, how we protect your information and what your rights are you can find out more here.